Lola and the Boy Next Door: book review (no spoilers)

2 Feb




  • Everything in Lola Nolan’s life is going right. Her father’s may not approve of her boyfriend Max, who’s 22 while she’s only 17, but they would never say that. Max is charming and ‘hot’ and loves Lola. And Lola loves him. She’s finally completely happy. That is, until the Bell family moved back into town. Calliope and Cricket Bell. The two twins she can’t stand. Although she hates seeing Calliope everyday, the worst is seeing Cricket Bell. The past is too hard to think about, yet his presence is a reminder. Will Lola give in to her resurfacing feelings? Or will she stay with her boyfriend Max?


  • My favourite character in this novel was Cricket Bell. Cricket is nerdy and lanky and just slightly awkward, but it’s endearing on him. All those little quirks make Cricket even more real and loveable than he already is. As much as i felt for Lola, i thought that she was a little bit too whiny. She thought her life was so hard and confusing but other people around her were going through worse things and she didn’t even pay attention to them. She’s a bit self centred in that way, but other than that she was a great main protagonist. I loved that she had two dads. I thought it was a modern twist. Nowadays, a lot of homosexuals adopt or ask their sisters/cousins to carry their baby. I thought it was a wonderful aspect and made the book so much more amazing. I also surprisingly liked Calliope Bell. I also have to admit that i had a mini heart attack when i first noticed that Étienne St. Clair was in this book. 
  • The plot of Lola and the Boy Next DOor was cheesy, but in the most adorable and heartwarming way. It was a good type of cheese, you know? It was really predictable and awkward but all the while i was reading i kept thinking that i wanted to be Lola. There were some tiny elements of surprise that really made the story authentic. There’s nothing more i can say about the plot. I really loved every single event and every single situation. 
  • Stephanie Perkins’ writing style is incredible. She really puts herself in her character’s shoes. If her character is a 40 year old, single woman, then that’s who she becomes. If her character is a bratty, 12 year old, she’ll make you believe that she is. She puts just the right amount of detail and doesn’t over explain. Over explanation is a huge problem that i find with most books, but Stephanie Perkins definitely does not have that tendency. 


  • I give Lola and the Boy Next Door 4.5/5 stars because i loved everything about this book but Lola kind of annoyed me. I recommend this book to everyone because it’s so amazing!

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