The Twilight Saga: book review (no spoilers)

23 Jan



  • Bella Swan moves in with her father after her mother and stepfather decide to hit the road and attempt to make it bigtime in the baseball leagues. Bella’s very reluctant about Forks and living with her father in general, but instead of complaining, she musters up the best smile and does it anyways. Bella is enrolled in the local high school in Forks, and she quickly makes friends…. she also is quick to befriend the impossibly brilliant and attractive Cullen siblings. Bella’s whole life gets taken over by Edward and his life… his ways. She finds herself too emotionally attached to ever let him go, and that could become quite the problem for her. Bella’s eventful life finally leads her to what she wants. Death… and a new start, including the Cullens. 


  • Some characters throughout the novels were quite entertaining and loveable, yet some characters were so irritating that every time they spoke i hoped someone would shove sand down their throat. Edward Cullen. As much as i love Robert Pattinson, the role he plays is beyond awkward and creepy. I mean, Edward basically meets Bella, then says he loves her, climbs into her window at night to watch her sleep, then leads her to her doom. That’s the creepy aspect of his character. His dialogue throughout the book was just uncomfortable and awkward. I’m not sure how Stephanie Meyer came up with normal response dialogue to it, but she did. Edward just makes every conversation so… how should i put it?… unnatural. Now Bella, she’s the reason i hate most Romance novels. She’s a very dependent female who can’t really think for herself. She never does anything without Edward and it irks me. I’m not a major feminist or anything like that but it bothers me when female characters can’t do things without their significant other’s permission and/or approval. Jacob was an okay secondary protagonist. I felt that he was a bit selfish. I know that he loves Bella and all but he just tried to ruin her love with someone else purely because of his own feelings. Just a tiny bit aggravating and self centred in my opinion. The only characters i really loved were Alice, Jasper and Emmett. Alice because of her witty comebacks and enthusiastic, exuberant personality. Jasper because of his acceptance and subtle, yet adorable love for Alice. Emmett for his ability to make a situation laughable and his *cue sarcasm* modesty when it comes to his strength. 
  • I thought the plot of The Twilight Saga was at times good and at times awful. The idea of vampires isn’t bad at all, yet Stephanie managed to make it the stupidest version of the classic Vampire legends and myths that i’ve ever come across. Not that i’m trying to be offensive to her writing skills and ability (i’ll discuss that later), but she really did completely ruin the amazing concept of vampires. The whole love aspect of it was awful and dumb. Edward’s whole life was this girl whom he’s known for what- a year? And Bella has dedicated everything and every detail of her life to this guy who can crush her with his tongue. It’s reckless and it’s as if Bella doesn’t understand how dangerous and stupid she’s being by staying with him. Yeah, love is great, but when you have to die for it? not so much. 
  • As much as i’m dissing the books, i do have to admit that Stephanie Meyer does have talent when it comes to writing. I really did like her writing style and i think she’s a great author. I thought her plot and characters could have been way better planned  and thought through, but she has a great vocabulary and a great way of describing things. Her chapters are the perfect length and i appreciate the fact that she tried to incorporate moments of thrill, horror and action. 


  • I give The Twilight Saga 2.5/5 because i liked Stephanie’s writing and some of her characters were brilliant, but the plot was so atrocious that not even her fabulous points could bring up her rating. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sappy, quick pacing romance novels. 



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