Anna and the French Kiss: book review (no spoilers)

20 Jan



  • Anna Oliphant has to leave her amazing life in Atlanta, including her little brother, Seany, her mother, her best friend, Bridge, and her almost boyfriend, Toph. Anna is furious with her father for shipping her to an American boarding school in Paris, though she is forced to go for her entire senior year. In Paris she meets a great group of friends, including the beautiful and wonderful Étienne St. Clair. Although, he has a girlfriend, while Anna is still hooked on her co-worker who’s in Atlanta . Throughout Anna’s adventurous and eventful year in France, she learns about heartbreak, trust, love, friendship and understanding.


  • First i’ll start off with the characters. I thought that Stephanie Perkins’ characters were clear and fun and so precisely described that i forgot that they were only fictional. Anna is a funny, strong minded character who is neurotic about cleanliness. She’s a relatable protagonist who, like every teenage girl, wants to be loved back by the guy she likes. Étienne St. Clair is an incredible character. St. Clair is just as amusing as Anna’s character, except he’s got some advantages over her; he’s british, extremely cute and sweet. The one thing i adored about St. Clair’s personality was that he wasn’t one of those typical sentimental and unrealistic male protagonists like in most romance novels. He was realistically portrayed as a normal boy who makes mistakes, is ignorant when it comes to relationships and acts rashly. But Stephanie Perkins added an element of vulnerability to his personality that really struck me as genuine, and that was an extraordinary and fresh take on his character. 
  • The next thing i’ll be reviewing is the plot and setting. The setting of the story is mostly in Paris, but Anna does return to Atlanta at some point in the story. That was purposely added to show Anna’s feelings about Paris and Atlanta now that she’s had a taste of both. It showed how Anna’s definition of home changed throughout the story. The way Stephanie Perkins depicts Paris is so clear and precise that i could picture every scene in my head. It was incredible. As for the plot, i thought it was wonderful. Anna and the French Kiss isn’t the usual romance. This story has comedy and very uncomfortable events that most people will have to go through at some point in their lives. The situations that she put Anna and St. Clair in help the story move along and progress in a very natural and real way. Every event could be imaginable with you in Anna’s position. 
  • The last thing to talk about is the way the book was written. Stephanie really puts herself into her characters shoes and becomes the character. The dialogues weren’t phrases that wouldn’t be said by teenagers nowadays. In fact, the dialogue between her characters were written so realistically that there were times where i though ‘i remember saying that’. She captures every emotion and allows you to feel exactly what her characters are feeling. 


  • I give Anna and the French kiss 5/5 stars and a definite recommendation for men and women of all ages.

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